ATCA equipment procurement

Procurement framework

The ATCA equipment purchase framework is in place. It is based on established CERN frame-contracts (with nVent/Schroff and Eltek) for the procurement and maintenance of ATCA chassis and corresponding AC-DC rectifiers.

An online catalogue (including the price list) for ATCA equipment available for purchase through these frame-contracts can be viewed here.

New equipment requests

New equipment requests must be made via the technical database here.

Please ensure to select the right equipment from the list when creating a new request. In case of doubt, check the catalogue beforehand. The ATCA chassis are ordered in form of a kit containing the chassis itself with the selected backplane topology, the PEMs, the CUs and one shelf manager. Similarly, the AC-DC rectifiers consist in the 1U chassis, the rectifier bricks and the controller module.

At the end of every quarter, every new request is verified and a TID (money transfer in CHF) is issued for the corresponding amount (based on the request, the current price list, the Euro conversion rate and a 2% fee for the transportation costs). Once all TIDs have been approved, a common PO (DAI) is issued.

Delivery leadtime: 10 weeks from the time of the CERN common PO.

Equipment documentation

The equipment documentation is available as follows:

nVent/Schroff (on the manufactuer's website):

Eltek (on a dedicated repository):  (User: v-lvps-crates Password: R$MZcBhB)

Faulty equipment

In case of faulty equipment, the repair must be requested via a "fault report" using the technical DB:
The user should describe with as much details as possible the problem found on the faulty equipment. A budget code is also requested in order to issue a repair order (DAI) in case the equipment is not under warranty anymore. For equipment under warranty, no DAI is issued.
Verification by the PS&crate service: Some equipment can be verified by the PS&crate service free of charge. The verification request can be made using the technical DB.


The initial warranty duration is 2 years from the delivery date. In case of fault during this period, no repair DAI is created upon fault report issuance.