Climatic chambers

Three different climatic chambers are available in the ESE group to allow the testing of electronics modules at different temperatures. Some of the chambers are also appropriate to perform temperature and humidity cycling tests for quality verification of board assemblies. Note that ESE is not equipped to perform burn-in testing of large production batches. EP-DT have a QA test lab to qualify reliability of detector assemblies with a climatic chamber and mechanical vibration test stand.

The three climatic chambers in ESE are located in 13-S-011. The technical details are summarised below. A booking system and operating manuals are available here:



climatic chambers

Climats EXCAL 1423-HA (2013):
Temperature range: -80 C, +180 C (±1°C after stabilization). Internal probe Limit: 155°C.
Temperature rate (heating) from -70°C to +180°C:  : 17°C/min.
Temperature rate (cooling) from +180°C to -70°C: 8°C/min.
Relative humidity range (Dewpoint limit +6°C) 10% at 98% (+10°C to +90°C).
Volume: 138l, 55cm * 50cm * 50 cm (L x W x H).
Cables can be exit the chamber through a hole of 8cm diameter.

CTS Climatic Chamber Type T-40/500 (2004): 
Temperature range: -40 C, +180 C
Temperature rate (heating): 1.3 K/min
Temperature rate (cooling): 1.2 K/min
Volume: 500l, 65cm x 65cm x 120cm (L x W X H).
Control: Manual or Programmable via RS232.
Cables can exit the chamber through a hole of 8cm diameter.

Heraeus HT4020: 
Temperature range: -40 C, +180 C, +/- 1 C after stabilization. 
Humidity: No control, No monitoring. 
Volume: 200l, 55cm x 55cm x 66 cm 
Control interface: Manual, programmable with RS232 and TCP/IP.
Controls software for PC available on request.
Cables can exit the chamber through two holes each of 8cm diameter.