CWDM Optical Links for Beam Instrumentation

Various Beam Instrumentation (BI) equipment requires the use of high-speed serial optical data transmission in locations subjected to high radiation levels.  These locations are spread throughout the CERN accelerator complex including the largest machines (the SPS and LHC) where the transmission distances can reach several kilometres.  The Versatile Link project can provide parts for a number of these applications, which are upgrading during LS2.  Part obsolescence of the single mode optical transmitter component (SM-TOSA) used in the Versatile Transceiver (VTRx) will not allow all BI applications to be served with this solution in the longer term for instrumentation upgrades in LS3 and beyond.  A new TOSA based on Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology has been identified and is being integrated into a modified VTRx to yield a long-reach CWDM readout and control system.  The project is starting by understanding the requirements from the BI applications and the existing and updated VTRx design.  Device samples will be subjected to functional and environmental testing in order to qualify them for the application.  Fully integrated VTRx modules with the new TOSA will be tested in full optical link systems like the ones deployed by BI.  System-level analysis and testing will be carried out to validate the final design.  In view of longer term upgrades or installations in the machine, further investigation of different evolution paths towards higher bandwidth or higher density applications may be carried out.