IC Storage

A limited service is available to store and vacuum pack bare-die ICs and wafers with a protective atmosphere (nitrogen) to prevent degradation of unprotected ICs. 

For the shipping or the storage of encapsulated chips in ambient air, a sealing machine is used to package them into ESD bags and under vacuum.


Technical details VMS 153
Pump capacity 21 m3/h
Panel Digital
Effective chamber size 410 x 370 x 170 mm
Dimensions, machine 480 x 515 x 440 mm
Power consumption, max 1,6 kw
Power 230 v - 50/60 hz

Suitable bags (150um thick) can be purchased from the following suppliers:

For wafers:

Entegris: http://www.devicecare.com

200mm wafers: HWS-ESD-BAG - 13"X15" METALLIZED ESD

For packaged chips:

Compumet: http://www.compumet.ch

Dry-Shield-ESD/EMI bag - JEDEC (Part No.: 3710.DR150.x ) 

Also provide Silica gel, Moisture indicators...