GBT and Versatile Link

The packaged GBTX mounted on a PCB (left) and the VTRX (right)


EP-ESE has developed a radiation-tolerant bi-directional optical link for use in the LHC programmes for the transport of data, timing and control signals between the experiment and the off-detector electronics. The on-detector link interface is required to work reliably in an environment with very high levels of radiation and magnetic field.

The GigaBitTransceiver (GBT) chipset and the Versatile Link components have been produced in large quantities and distributed to users in the LHC experiments and beyond. A limited number of components are still available.

The GBT-FPGA implementation is HDL code for use in the off-detector electronics and is available to users. This is supported across a number of platforms.

User support is available here: and

Ordering procedure

If you are in one of the LHC experiments, please address your request to your electronics coordinator:

Alex Kluge for ALICE, Hucheng Chen for ATLAS, Magnus Hansen for CMS, Ken Wyllie for LHCb.

If you are not part of an LHC experiment, please contact Ken Wyllie.