ESE has designed, tested and produced the Embedded Local Monitor Board 2 (ELMB2). This is a general purpose plug-on I/O module for the monitoring and control of sub-detector front-end components, and uses commercial-off-the-shelf components. It is a replacement for the obsolete ELMB and tolerates higher levels of radiation than its predecessor. The ELMB2 is fully compatible with the infrastructure of the ELMB (motherboards, power, CAN-bus interface).

More information is available here.

ESE is now designing a new system consisting of the Embedded Monitoring and Control Interface (EMCI) and the Embedded Monitoring Processor (EMP). The goal is to provide a scaleable interface for slow-controls and monitoring between the front-end electronics and the detector control system. The EMCI uses radiation-hardened components and will thus tolerate much higher levels of radiation than the ELMB2. The concept is illustrated below.

The EMCI/EMP system

Prototypes of the EMCI have already been produced and tested successfully. The specification can be found here, and a prototype is shown in the photo below.